Accessibility is Key

Making sure Ewell Plaza is safe and accessible to all residents is a key element of the space’s design. From the entering the space, to vital services like public restrooms, Ewell Plaza is designed to not only meet, but exceed Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

ADA Accessible Entrances

All entrances to Ewell Plaza, including sidewalks and ramps, are ADA compliant. Design elements like the mid-block crosswalk make sure everyone can safely travel through Ewell Plaza.

Illuminated Bus Shelter

An illuminated bus shelter provides safety from harsh weather for people waiting to utilize Red Rose Transit Authority buses. Seating is provided to serve users.

Bike Infrastructure

As part of our city’s ever-growing bike infrastructure, Ewell Plaza provides 14 bike parking spots throughout the space. Anyone may utilize the racks for their bike and enjoy the plaza. Limiting our carbon footprint and creating an accessible place for the community. 

Anyone interested in renting a bike can head over to one of the many Bike It Lancaster stations throughout the city. There is even one right around the corner from Ewell Plaza on W. Orange St.