Plaza Design & Community Engagement

Community Engagement

When it came to shaping the square, insight from the community was essential to create a space that everyone could enjoy together. The City hosted listening sessions for those to voice their ideas, community meetings for engagement, and provided forms to receive feedback on how best to utilize the soon-to-be plaza. During Celebrate Lancaster, a banner that read, “What Could You See Here?” was placed for the people of Lancaster City to express their thoughts for the future plaza. 

The Design 

From every response stemmed the elements selected to visualize the space:

  • Accessibility 
  • Lighting
  • Events and programs
  • Community History
  • Plant and sustainability features
  • User amenities and more

Highlighting the character appearance and conditions of the space, accessible context and connections, and expanding its uses and value to the community.  Everyone’s dedication, support, and culture influenced the making of this space for everyone to learn, engage, and experience Ewell Plaza.

Rendering of Ewell Plaza